Q9 Wireless Bluetooth, Casque écouteur pour seulement 9.96€ -20%!

hitechpascher-Q9 Wireless Bluetooth Earhook

Q9 Wireless Bluetooth, Casque écouteur pour seulement 9.96€ -20%!

Q9 Wireless Bluetooth, Casque écouteur pour seulement 9.96€ -20%! 1000 1000 kryuko

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Description et spécifications

Brief Introduction
Music is beautiful, and running with music is a much wonderful experience. Across the quiet street, park avenue, and country road with our Q9 Bluetooth music headset. Which delivers your music, movies and games with unmatched clarity and depth. And its slick in-ear design and cool appearance set your look, your attitude, your music. Besides, the on-ear controls for calls and musics and sweat-proof design will get your hands free. Thus, enjoying your sports is much easier!

– Comfortable to Wear
Ergonomic ear hook design with silica gel weighs only 19g, lightweight and flexible for durability and portability. You won’t get discomfort even after hours of use, perfect for jogging, running, hiking, etc. And multiple ear caps ensure the best possible fit for any set of ears

– Fast Connection
The Bluetooth 4.1 technology is faster than other devices, the transmission distance is up to 10m. Enjoy perfect compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows devices, and all popular Bluetooth devices

– Intelligent Connection
Connect two phones simultaneously, under pairing one phone status to link to another phone

On-ear Control
Intuitive, easy access controls for shuffle and pause / play, and the built-in mic for effortless call handling. Helping avoid removi…

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