MjxR/C Technic X929H, Drones pour seulement 18.26€ -14%!

hitechpascher-MjxR/C Technic X929H Mini Remote Control Quadcopter

MjxR/C Technic X929H, Drones pour seulement 18.26€ -14%!

MjxR/C Technic X929H, Drones pour seulement 18.26€ -14%! 700 700 kryuko

Allez! Allez! Il ne reste plus beaucoup de temps avant l’expiration de l’offre du 12/04/2018! MjxR/C Technic X929H Mini Remote Control Quadcopter 18.26€ avec une réduction de 14%!

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Description et spécifications

Advanced Stabilisation RC Quadcopter
What fits delicately into the palm of your hand and flies up into the clouds on a beautiful day? Is it a baby bird? No, it’s a mini quadcopter.
Look at here, this mini quadcopter is equipped with four hyper-fast blades to give it a freedom to fly in the sky. It has incredible staying power for steady recording when it roams and hovers. Up, down, left, right, this tiny flier can get there, even fitting through narrow crevices and spaces other drones can’t squeeze into. What’s more, it also has LED lights for night flight.

– Pocket design compact in size, you can put the drone into your pocket which allows you to take it freely at anytime and anywhere
– 2.4GHz remote control technology adopt the 2.4GHz remote control technology, and the operations become more accurate, the remote control distances become farther, and the reactions become more sensitive
– Built-in 6-axis gyro 6-axis gyro flight control on 4 channels and a built-in electronic compass for motion sensing. It provides a more se…

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