DJI Spark Mini RC, Drones pour seulement 563.98€ -25%!

hitechpascher-DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone RTF

DJI Spark Mini RC, Drones pour seulement 563.98€ -25%!

DJI Spark Mini RC, Drones pour seulement 563.98€ -25%! 700 700 kryuko

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Description et spécifications

DJI Spark, a mini drone which boasts all of DJI’s signature technologies, allows you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. With various Intelligent Flight Modes, a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and a 12MP camera, your creativity is sure to meet no boundaries. With FaceAware, Spark can be launched on your palm and hover at a desirable height. You can use Gesture Mode to take selfies and control the drone when it is within 3m away. The little quadcopter is bound to spark your creativity and enable you to film like a professional.

– 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, f/2.6 wide-angle lens, 2-axis mechanical gimbal for stabilized 1080P videos and 12MP stills
– Powerful propulsion enables Spark to fly at up to 50 kph in Sport Mode
– 720P FPV, up to 2km long-distance image transmission by connecting your phone to the transmitter
– Multiple Intelligent Flight Modes available – ActiveTrack, TapFly, QuickShot etc.
– Gesture Mode is only be used to take selfies but also control the drone within 3m range
– 1480mAh 11.4V LiPo provides 16min long flight time for more footage
– Note you need a cell phone number with 11 figures if you want to activate the product

Max. flight time 16 minutes ( no wind at a consistent of 12.4 mph / 12 kph )
Max. hovering time 15 minutes ( no wind )
Operating temperature range 32 to 104 Deg.F ( 0 to 40 Deg.C )
Satellite positioning system GPS / GLONASS
Transmitter power ( EIRP ) 2.4GHz FCC 25dBm; CE 18dBm; SRRC 18dBm; 5.8GHz FCC 27dBm; CE 14dBm; SRRC 27dBm
Operating frequency 2.400 – 2.483GHz; 5.725 – 5.825GHz
Takeoff weight 300g
Dimensions 143 x 143 x 55mm
Diagonal distance ( propellers excluded ) 170mm

3D Sensing System
Obstacle sensing range 1 – 16ft ( 0.2 – 5m )
Operating environment surface should be larger than 20 x 20cm and enable diffuse reflection, with reflection rate more than 20 percent ( e.g. wall, tree, people )


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